As a prospective new consignor, the first step is to check the Seasons page and see what season and items we are currently accepting.

The second step is to make an appointment by calling the store at 303-355-0191.

The 3rd and most important step is to sort your things as we only accept items that are:

In some cases, clothing may be in very good condition but still not meet the high standards to sell items at BOTR.  These items will be donated to one of our charity partners.  BOTR does not receive any proceeds for these items.

Once dropped off, your items get sorted, priced, and steamed before they make it to the racks.  We have a limited amount of space to work with and our #1 goal is to maintain an organized and clean store you will enjoy visiting.  The better you sort your items beforehand, the faster they will get on the floor.  Once your items make it to the floor, the fun begins – MAKING MONEY!  A high percentage of items sell once they make it to the racks.  You can increase your income by marketing BOTR to everyone you know!  The more people in the door, the more money you make!

We consign items for a period of 60 days. The 60 days window begins when your items get priced, NOT when you drop them off.  Consignors receive 40% of the selling price which is set by management (we try for 50% off retail). After 60 days, consignors have 48 hours to pick up their items if they want them back.  After this period, any unsold items become the property of BOTR.